• NAME :

    • Aaron (A-A-Ron)

    • A lifestyle and fashion blog for the person that lives with a little more stuffing than the average individual. This is to provide a point-of-view and alternatives to showing off who you truly are through fashion and other areas. I have an ever-changing lifestyle, through style and other things, that I wanted to provide an outlet for individuals with some similarities as myself to know that you can slay and be confident no matter the situation. Plus, it’s fun to show some fun new ideas and items that I have newly discovered or find interesting.

    • Growing up, I was always a little more cuddly than the average person around me and I learned to embrace that. A teddy bear best represents my overall personality, because they are plush, come in all shapes and sizes and cuddly. I also just imagine a bear walking up to someone and offering them a big hug, and that basically describes my personality. On the outside I look like this very large individual, and then you realize I’m a softy on the inside.
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