In the heat of the Night

I wanted to start off with some weird pop culture reference, but I’m too young to remember this show and don’t feel like looking up anything. Anyway, this is the sequel to my day time looks for the summer. You’ve mingled at your family’s house, extended family, people you wish you weren’t family and your best friend’s place. Now it’s time to switch up the vibes and get ready to hit the town, which is why your best friend’s place was the last stop because it’s obviously the pregame.

  • Disclaimer: For those people either underage, or don’t drink at all, you can still go out and have a good time. Underage just has a curfew and the non-drinkers find their fun by laughing at their drunk friends.

So a night out during the summer months looks a little different than in the colder time, for obvious reasons. First off, you don’t have to layer coats and scarves and hats over your fit, so everyone can see the look waiting in line and inside at the bar. Secondly, showing a little skin is appropriate and there’s less of a chance for winter dry skin and being ashy. However you should still lotion them knees and elbows, just because they don’t see it, doesn’t mean they didn’t notice you scratching that dry patch through your clothes. Anyways, I want to give you three options that I love to do when I’m styling myself to go out for the night. You don’t have to follow it exactly, use them more as a guide or tools.

Kid at Heart

I think this outfit might be my favorite, or my go-to when I’m just going out for a chill night. This is for those college kids, or “newly legal” that don’t really want to put too much effort but still look presentable.

You start with a basic denim of any wash. My go-to is a light-wash denim jean from ASOS. They have a little stretch and give me that skinny jean look and feel without looking as if I squeezed into some leggings. I pair them with either a basic solid color tee or graphic tee (which is where the name of this outfit comes from). The graphic tee gives me that playfulness that I want and you can always show off your personality. One of my favorites is a 90’s Nickelodeon tee that I got from Target. It’s a great conversation starter and people get excited to try and name their favorite characters. For the shoe, I keep it simple with a white converse because it’s easy to wear and works well with the look I’m going for.

  • You can definitely wear your favorite Air Jordan’s or other tennis shoe because it is more of a casual look. I’m going for more of the Saturday morning cartoon look but with company.
  • Since it is the night time, and I love to add layers, you can keep it simple with a zip up hoodie or try a denim jacket for a double denim style. It’s a little less warm at night with the sun not beaming down on you so a light jacket or sweatshirt is great.
  • Classic Man

  • This ensemble is a step above child’s play. We’re getting into the grown and sexy side of clothing. It is great for that senior year of college/just graduated look. It’s also perfect for those nights when you need something simple to wear while going out, but gives you more of an “I cared a little more” style.
  • You still want to keep it casual, so a denim is perfect. Obviously some kind of denim will be the base of each outfit, but some of the others have more of an “extra” feel. Since this is the “classic man” look, for the top we go with a button down. When choosing a button down you want to consider a few things:
  1. It fits the shoulders and the arms- this is my biggest problem mainly because I have tried on shirts where my arms go in smoothly, but it barely covers my shoulders. Make sure to try it on so that it fits like a regular shirt
  2. It closes/buttons- now this one just depends on how you want to wear it. For this particular outfit we want the shirt to button without it looking like a button could pop at any second. I have bought a shirt I couldn’t button completely and just wear it open, so this depends on your own style. However for this look, we want it to be able to button.
  • Now in terms of design, for this particular look we want to keep that classic theme, so go with something more neutral. So like a simple stripe or solid color, because we’ll save the designs and patterns for other outfits. For the shoe, you’ll want to step your shoe game up from a Converse. I suggest a simple black or brown dress shoe, depending on the color of your shirt.
  • I typically pair lighter toned tops with a brown shoe and darker toned tops with a black shoe. Sometimes you can mix and mingle and make it work. You can always pull it off if you’re confident and YOU like what you’re wearing because it is YOUR clothes after all.

Now that you’ve got the base of your outfit down, you can start to add those finishing touches. This is what transforms that kid at heart to an adult. Try a watch to give you that “I have a business meeting but still need to show off” type of feel.

Here is where the clothing starts to get a little extra. If you aren’t into anything with prints and showing a little skin, then I suggest you stop here (I mean don’t just in case you want to step out of the box).

Always Bet On Black

I love a good monochromatic outfit, but I also love color and stepping outside in an all yellow outfit might be a little too much for some. This one is perfect for a night out while still giving you that adventurous and fashionable flare.

For the base, we start with a black denim. I have a black denim with knee slits from ASOS that I love. They have a nice stretch and fit oh so perfectly, while adding a little edge with the knee slits. I pair them with a black ASOS polo with a floral print, because I want to stay on brand and who doesn’t love floral. You can wear any design or pattern, and of course any color, but I wanted to go with something simple but stylish.

  • The denim has a stretch and feel almost like a legging, so these give you more of a fitted look. They’re comfortable, but if you’re not big on a skinny leg then go for more of a straight leg jean. Also, the polo is perfect for summer because it’s breathable and feels like a football or basketball jersey. It is a mesh type of material so it also has some stretch to it. I had to order two sizes up from my regular size because the shirt stretches but fits like a glove. If you want more of that flow then get a size up, because it will still fit your arms and body but doesn’t cling and suction to the rolls. Unless you like that then do you.
  • For the shoe we’re going with a, yep you guessed it, black dress shoe. Black gives you that sleek and sophisticated style, while also hiding any accidental drink slips. I feel that every once in a while, everyone should pop out in all black because it kind of shows off how bad-ass you are and “I don’t need you to buy me a drink, but I will gladly accept a free one”.
  • To finish it off, I want to add something simple to keep that sleek sophistication. I have a leather bracelet with a gold anchor at the end from H&M. It’s simple and still adds a little flare to the outfit.
  • Rip The Runway

  • You may think that I’m about to show you some avant-garde look, or some Men’s New York Fashion Week style by the name, however if you’re like me, every surface area is a runway and whatever you’re wearing is what’s being featured. This outfit actually has more to do with the first word than the other part of the title, and is a perfect party look.
  • On bottom, since I’m addicted, we’re going with a light wash distressed denim from ASOS, hence the word “rip”.
    These fit less like a legging and more like regular denim, so there’s not too much stretch in them. So for sizing, I ordered my actual size in the waist, only because I knew how some ASOS pants fit, and I got one size longer than my normal so I don’t have to worry about possible flooding.

With a distressed jean, we obviously can’t go simple on top, you could but that’s not where we’re headed. I chose a skull and floral patterned polo, from ASOS of course. It has a fun pattern and a little more of an edgy feel to compliment the style and distressing in the jean. (I’m not a huge skull fan, but in this shirt it’s not too bad because they’re small and not the focal point). This is where you can be playful and try some things with patterns and color. Don’t be afraid to try a button down with pastel color blocking, or a multi-colored striped top.

For the shoe, I go with a tan suede Chelsea Boot from Aldo. This keeps that sophistication that I like, while also giving me a shoe that is comfortable and I know I can where all night. Do wear something like this at your own discretion, people spill drinks and they don’t have their best interest at heart in regards to keeping you clean.

  • Fun fact: I bought these shoes while I was in NYC. I was walking with my family to the 9/11 memorial and we walked past and my aunt and I decided to step in because what else do we do on vacation other than shop. I had to carry the bag around all day because when I bought them we still hadn’t gone to where we were headed and still had to walk back. Was it worth it, of course, did I need them, I’ll say yes and justify it by saying that I wear them a lot.
  • Now, for accessories, you can most certainly go out with wrist accessories like a bracelet or watch. I have done the beaded bracelets and anchor bracelets from above and worn them altogether, but for a simpler addition just go with some sunglasses. I know it’s night time so there is no sun, but let’s be honest, who hasn’t been “that person” to walk inside somewhere and left your glasses on just because you could.
  • Per usual, you don’t have to find these pieces exactly, but I definitely want to give you some options of what you can do. Also, if you don’t want to shop at ASOS like I do, definitely try another company. I have just found their clothes to actually fit and be able to have long lasting wear. Keep on showing off your style and if you want to see some of these looks in action, be sure to follow me on Instagram @aa_smith_ for more style inspiration and just other fun things.

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