Summer Time Fine

I am more of a winter person, mainly because I was born in December, but since it can’t be Christmas year round I have to make it through the summer heat. I love to try new stuff and my summer clothing has evolved over the years. Being a big man, I sweat a lot and going through the heat never helps so I need some easy and cool pieces to wear during the summer. However, if you’re as extra as I am, you know I can’t always live in just lounge wear for the summer months, so here’s some ways that I like to rock summer clothes.

Beach Day

Obviously, water is the best thing for dealing with the summer heat. I love being on the beach, but I used to be very self-conscious about what to wear. I would eventually just accept that no one cares about my body, but I still would just throw on whatever. As I got older, I figured out what I liked to wear and discovered the magic of Instagram, so I had to look presentable. Before I talk about some possible outfit options, a beach day typically means less clothing because you’re in your bathing suit. Again, this is definitely speaking to those people that like to be a little “extra”.

For most of my beach or pool days, I stick with a button down because that’s what the bulk of my wardrobe consists of. For this particular outfit, I went with the classic white short sleeve button down. You can pair it with almost any pants or shorts and it is easy to style. I wanted to add a little color so I went with a pink pair of shorts. They’re a regular short that is a little thick material but perfect for sitting in the sand.

  • I bought these shorts from Wal-Mart *surprise*. I know it’s not the most trendy store to go for clothing, however they recently updated their clothing sections and I was looking for some new shorts for a trip and stumbled upon these. They had a khaki and a light blue pair as well, and they’re very well made which is a big thing I care about.

Now for shoes a sandal would work well, but I decided to wear a pair of white Converse to compliment the button down. However, they came off rather quickly once my feet were on sand. Therefore, shoes aren’t a huge part with styling for the beach. To add some more flare and style, I left a few of the top buttons undone to show a little more skin. It’s all about being confident with yourself and not caring what anyone thinks. To finish off the outfit, a nice pair of sunglasses to hide the petty side eyes and add a fashionable touch.


We all have those days where we literally just want to sit and do nothing. Or the days when we just throw on what’s clean and hit the town for the day. I don’t do it often, with being extra and all, but when I do it still looks somewhat presentable. No worries, you’ll never catch me out in something that I smelled to see if it’s clean, but this is that type of outfit.

Typically, I pair a simple denim short with a tee shirt because it’s the easiest outfit combo, and you don’t really need to put too much thought into it. For this particular day, I went with a simple graphic tee from Old Navy because I’m still a child at heart and Mickey Mouse is amazing. You can also try Target for graphic tees.

  • Side note: if you’ve never shopped Target’a graphic tees you’re missing out. They have a collection of like hundreds because they’re always changing. They have rocker tees, characters, superheroes, etc.
  • For the bottom, I stick with a simple denim, but being that I love to switch things up I chose a light wash drawstring short from Urban Outfitters. They’re a little short and show a little more skin then a regular pair of shorts, especially if you sit down but they’re so comfortable and go with just about every thing. You’ll probably see them in another outfit combo.
    Other side note: Urban Outfitters isn’t the most “plus-friendly” in the men’s sections, but for me their sizes run a little weird. I bought two pairs of shorts in an XL, and I have bought some XL shirts even though I actually wear a XXL. So it’s all about trying things on because you never know if you truly like it.

Let’s Hang

If your friends are like mine, when we just want to hang out or be out of the house, our clothes are always photo shoot ready. They can still be casual, but they still have some style to them. When I go out with my friends, depending on where we’re going I want to give some kind of instagrammable look. It can easily consist of shorts and a shirt, mainly because for guys that’s all we truly have to play with in terms of clothing. However, this is where the layering aspect comes into play.

For this particular day, my friend and I spent it outdoors walking around, getting ice cream, basically living the life of a romantic comedy with young kids as the main character. I wanted to keep it “simple” but still worthy of a photo shoot moment. On top, I chose a yellow pocket tee from H&M, then I layered a short sleeve denim button down over the tee and left it unbuttoned.

  • My main reasoning for layering with this particular outfit is due to the fact that the shirt is a tad short. H&M is another store with weird sizing where the shirt is actually an XL but it fits like a XXL, except my height is where it doesn’t fit. So I layered the button down to assist if the shirt rides up in some areas.
  • For the bottom half, I have been playing with patterns, some bold and others more classic. With this outfit, I wanted more of a classic style with a neutral tone. Which is why I chose the black and white striped shorts from Forever 21. They’re almost like a sweat pant or jogger material, with a drawstring so they’re very comfortable, and they aren’t super short.
    I recently discovered the shorts in Forever 21, mainly because their pants don’t really go up past a 38 or 40. I’m a 42/44 so obviously squeezing is not an option. I bought one pair of shorts from there and loved them and found these under a pile of shorts and shirts and knew I could where them everywhere.

To finish, I chose a red Converse (which are my favorite shoes to wear) to add a pop of color. I wanted a contrast with the yellow but something that still compliments it. Also, since we were outside for most of the day, I added my trusty sunglasses. They’re actually “women’s” sunglasses that I got from Pitaya while I was there with my friend. They were cheap and good quality and looked good on me, so of course I bought them.

Backyard BBQ

With summer being the season of outdoors and enjoying the warm air, barbecues are a huge aspect of that. Most of the barbecues with my family happen at my house, but I still need to look somewhat together because random adventures also tend to happen on those days. Fourth of July is also the big summer holiday to just be outside and enjoy the day off. I love sparklers because larger fireworks terrify me and I have less of a chance of blowing myself up with them. Anyway, backyard festivities are great for wearing those comfortable clothes, but sometimes you can put a little flare into it.

In this outfit, the denim shorts I mentioned before have made another comeback. If you haven’t figured it out, I don’t mind recycling clothing because it helps me save money and I choose stuff that I can wear after the imaginary event I said I needed them for to justify why I bought them in the first place. Plus, like I said, they’re comfortable and go with just about anything.

Up top, I went simple and classic with a white tee from Target. And a blue and white striped button down from H&M.

  • The tee is actually an undershirt that comes in the packages next to the underwear. I needed undershirts when I bought it but liked how it fit and kept one as a regular shirt. Also, the button down is actually too small for me. It is a size XL, however this is one of those instances where the size doesn’t truly match the fit. It fits over my arms and around my body, however I can not button it. I really liked it so I decided to make it a permanent layering piece.
  • The tee and button down is another layering style because it’s my favorite way to wear my clothes. I don’t like wearing just plain white tees, which is why I added the button down to add a little more style. Also, the button down on top gives it more of a classic and nautical feel, rather than a “this was my only clean shirt” feel. There’s nothing wrong with white tees, but I personally don’t like them alone because I usually where them as undershirts and I only think of that when I put one on.
  • For shoes, I went with the classic and favorite white Converse. You can also do a sandal or try a low-top shoe. Something simple and easy because it is a backyard barbecue with friends and family, no need to overdo it too much.
  • Now all of these outfit combos are mostly day time styles, but I will definitely do a night time post because sometimes I like to stay in all day to rest up for the night. Don’t be afraid to use how I style in some of your everyday wardrobe especially for the summer. It took me a while to get my summer wardrobe together, but I slowly figured it out. Just start with the basics of a denim short and tee and work around that. That’s basically the bulk of guys clothing is a top and bottom, but put some accessories, layer something over the top and add your own flare. As long as you love it, that’s all that truly matters.

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