Men vs. Face-Masks

I may or may not be doing one as I’m writing this…Hygiene is an interesting topic amongst men, which I get both sides to the argument:

  • Side A- Using too many products is too feminine and it just isn’t what a man is supposed to do. Plus why would I want to have all that extra stuff anyway, all I really need is body wash and deodorant.
  • Side B- Why would you want your first impression to be “Ooooh, he stinks” or “Wow his face dirty” or “Is that chocolate or is he just dirty?”

I completely get where both sides are coming from, however I lean more towards side B. A first impression is one of those things I care way too much about…thank you anxiety and societal standards…even though I shouldn’t. Taking care of yourself should be so easy that it comes second nature. Now I’m not saying that you need to become a member at Ulta, but there are some things men should try and work into their routine.A face-mask is an easy hygiene product that is there to help you get that magazine cover face for a low-price. Yes, there are some over-the-top products that you see on Facebook and Instagram, but I’m talking about the ones you can easily buy at CVS or Target. I use them, obviously from my opening statement, but I don’t break the bank. Let’s start with the first topic of “why use face-masks?”

Why should I use a face-mask?

No, I am not a dermatologist, nor am I beauty guru or cosmetologist. I am just someone that likes the way my skin looks and feels after I have taken care of it. A face-mask is typically used after you have thoroughly washed your face, which I will discuss that in another post. You wash and dry your face and then apply a face mask in order to help with various “flaws” you may have. I use two different types, but they’re both from the same brand, Formula 10.0.6. Yes, that is the name, and yes I will include visuals so you can quickly spot it without having to read the labels. Anyway, I use their “skin-detoxifying peel mask” and the “ultra-clearing mud mask”. I do not recommend using them right after the other. I do it twice or three times a week and switch them out as I go. Now, the reason I do this is so that I can help keep my skin feeling soft and looking nice and bright, because everyone looks at your face and who doesn’t want to look at or feel a soft face? They are the easiest things a part of my skin-care routine and I’ll tell you why.

Easiest Routine Step

The reason why the face-masks are so easy, simply because all I have to do is apply and sit. That’s it, no massaging, spritzing, activating, none of that. I apply the liquid, because it is in liquid form, all over my face until it is covered.

  • By covered, I don’t mean like how kids get into their parent’s things and pour their stuff all over their body. I mean that there is a nice even layer all over my face, from my forehead to my chin.
-Visual representation of not all over, and no it doesn’t have to look “beautiful”

It’s even easier with a beard because I have less surface area to apply to. However, if you decide to shave, I would start applying to the areas that don’t have hair anymore. Anyway, once you have applied the mask to your face, go sit and wait for 15 minutes. I like to watch tv or get some work done. The mask is doing all the work for you, so you just apply and let it dry. Don’t try and touch your face or forget and try and rub your face because then you’ll just rub it off. Once the 15 minutes is over, or until the mask is dry, depending on if you have a peel-off one or not, just rinse your face off. Make sure you rinse it off, and you may have to scrub a little in order to get it all off. A peel-off is even easier because you just grab a corner and start pulling it off. It doesn’t hurt, unless you get one of those social media ones, then you’re on your own.

What do you do afterwards?

With face-masks being the easy part of my skincare routine, after rinsing, there really isn’t too much to do. I usually will use “persa gel” from Clean & Clear, and do a spot treatment.

  • For those that don’t understand, a spot treatment is simple placing the product in dots, or on certain “spots” on the face, instead of applying it all over.
  • Once it is applied, then I get ready for bed and drift off into sleep…after I watch a few YouTube videos and listen to some music.Now, I know face-masks sound easy to use, but before you think, “I’m just going to walk into a store and grab whatever”, make sure to read the labels. There are many different types of masks, and different results for each mask. The two I show above I have read and feel that they work the best for me. There are paper-masks, which look how they sound, just a sheet of paper that has been soaked in some kind of solution with face hole cut-outs (yes, I said face holes). Those don’t work for me only because I feel that they just sit on your face and you can’t really walk around with it on. The liquid ones are the best and peel-offs are just fun. So, make sure you know what you’re buying, and if you find yourself lost, just ask your friends, partner, the employee hovering around the aisles, or whoever is closest. I promise asking about face-masks is less strange then wondering what kind of tampons work best, or buying condoms and having to get awkward looks buying magnums when you know you should be using trojan. Anyway, go out and get those faces cleaned and moisturized, and be sure to let your friends know that ain’t nothing wrong with looking fresh for whoever you’re trying to impress.


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